Remnants (Stone Age Series Book 4)

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The Stone Age Series Continues…

They escaped the clutches of the red robed warriors who had stolen everything from them. Now Max and the rest of the Cicada remnant must struggle to take back their home if they are to have any chance of ending the existential threat underneath Bios-2.

But to save humanity, may require the ultimate sacrifice.

REMNANTS (Stone Age Series Book 4)

Coming 2016


One thought on “Remnants (Stone Age Series Book 4)

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    Greetings to all followers of the Stone Age Series who have been anxiously awaiting the 4th book (#2 of Cicada) also known as CICADA: Remnants.

    As you know by now, this has not been released yet (I first planned a late 2015 release date). I’m sincerely sorry for the ridiculously long delay in it’s release. I can only beg your forgiveness. Some of it, I truly had no control over.

    I still plan for its release in 2016. I just cannot give a firm guesstimate of when that will be. I promise to post an update here, on, as well as to all subscribers (via newsletter, Facebook and Twitter) as soon as I have a more firm idea.

    Thanks so much for your support and your patience!


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