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Time Slip Coming March 30th

Time Slip - EbookTime Slip – A Stone Age Short is the newest short (novella size) story in the Stone Age world and is scheduled for release on March 30th, 2015.  Time Slip chronicles scientist Dr. Ronald Stoneridge as he accidently discovers time travel by opening up a controlled time slip in his laboratory and then decides to use it to try and save his dying wife. Expecting to find a medical breakthrough in the future and bring it back with him, he instead finds a desolate world trying to survive a new Stone Age. Ironically, Dr. Ron must find his wife’s cure before he runs out time.

Besides new revelations about the future new Stone Age, leading up to the series conclusion in Cicada (coming in 2015), Time Slip offers a new set of characters in this unique spin on time travel.

Time Slip is the second Stone Age Short to be published, with one or two more planned for later this year. The first Stone Age Short was Max’s Epoch, now available for free (HERE).

Time Slip is available for pre-order on (