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CICADA Coming August 31st

The Stone Age Series continues with CICADA, the next chapter after DESOLATION. If you’ve been waiting to hear what happened to the characters in DESOLATION, (the sequel to Stone Age), you’re wait is almost over. CICADA blasts off right were DESOLATION left you hanging.

However, if you haven’t read either Stone Age or DESOLATION, you can start with CICADA and not miss a beat. In fact CICADA, in some ways, is a stand-alone series, set in the new Stone Age World (detailed in Stone Age and DESOLATION).

Here’s the blurb to CICADA: 

A small group of survivors, including some of the world’s brightest scientists, sought safety in a walled sanctuary, known as Cicada, in what is left of Colorado. Their goal is to find solutions to the seemingly permanent solar storms plaguing the ailing Earth.

On the other side of their walls, evil forces will strike but for their own reasons:

  • Desperate squatters want Cicada’s resources;
  • a religious cult with thousands of red-robed warriors, led by a prophet, intends to claim it as their Promised Land; and
  • nearby, another walled fortress, plots Cicada’s destruction.

As Cicada’s community struggles to fight the evils outside, a startling secret reveals why the survival of all mankind hangs at the precipice of extinction. However, it’s the evil inside of each of them that’s even more of a threat than what is outside their walls.

Can humanity possibly survive?

Cicada - Logo

Coming after CICADA, will be the release of REMNANTS.

For more details about CICADA and to read comments, The CICADA page.

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