Time Slip (Stone Age Short)


Time Slip - EbookDr. Ronald Stoneridge invented something so incredible it would have changed the world, if the world hadn’t ended first.

By accident, he created a time slip while trying to test a new clean energy source. When he finds out his wife is dying of a rare cancer and the cure is five years away, he decides to slip forward in time and bring the cure back to the present.
Only, this is a one-way trip and his destination is at a time right after an apocalypse has brought the world into a new stone age.

Can Dr. Ron save his wife, when he’ll have a hard enough time saving himself?

What is a Stone Age Short?
It is a stand-alone story, in which some or all of it takes place within the world of Stone Age.

Publish Date: 3/30/15

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One thought on “Time Slip (Stone Age Short)

  1. jim wilkins

    Of course there will be some smart kid that will learn how to harness those electrical pulses. Some will use it for good but some will fall inlove with the power it holds over the ignorant ones left. Then as always the evil will want what the good people have. What makes the good people more prosperous and happier comes from a ragged old book found a generation ago. It had things in it that said, love your neighbor as yourself and do good to all men and you will be blessed. ……. I really enjoyed this apocalyptic book, it made me think more about being ready for any kind of disaster that would last for more thannjust a few days. I cant wait to start on Desolation


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