Coming Soon – Stone Age!

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Stone Age, is the thrilling first book in the exciting new end times Stone Age Series.

Massive coronal mass ejections or CMEs pummel the earth taking down our power, water, communications, and eliminating all electronics: literally taking us from the 21st Century to the Stone Age.

Stone Age

Stone Age (Book 1) is coming soon to in early 2014



2 thoughts on “Coming Soon – Stone Age!

  1. Elizabeth Loudon

    I thought this book was very interesting. Many times I do not read books that have a lot of scientific stuff I am to old to know. However, I enjoyed it so much .
    Am looking towards another in the series. Thank you, Elizabeth Loudon

  2. MLBanner Post author

    Thank you for your kind review. So glad you enjoyed it. Also, please leave a review on I would remind you of the free gift available if you do so: see the back of your copy of the book after “The End” for details.


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